Category: Wall openings

Barriers at wall openings


Using Wall brackets and Barriers can quickly and easily secure wall openings. Using this attachment there is no need for posts and attachment in the slab. The solution makes it simple and fast to open and close the edge protection. Casting is facilitated and one advantage is that repair of edge protection attachments are not required. This solution creates a tighter edge protection in comparison to using Adjustable link bars. It is quick and easy to install and uninstall when various kinds of work task are to be carried out.

• Wall bracket
• Barrier 1,3 L, 1,95 L, 2,6 L
• Barrier Bracket 360





Link bars at wall openings


The wall openings should be secured with edge protections. Wall brackets on each side of the opening together with Adjustable link bars should be used. The Adjustable link bars are available in three different sizes for openings from 0,5 metres up to 2,5 metres. This solution makes it easy to remove and put back the edge protection when various types of work is to be carried out, and it also leaves space for different types of lead-throughs.

• Wall bracket
• Adjustable link bar 1,5 – 2,5 m
• Adjustable link bar 0,9 – 1,5 m
• Adjustable link bar 0,58 – 0,78 m