Scissorsafe void former

The Scissorsafe Void Former is an expendable plastic cast-in component used to form anchorage points in precast or insitu poured concrete. The void former consist of two parts. A 35 mm diameter circular disk is nailed or screwed to horizontal formwork in pre-designed locations. After that a tee shaped mould is pushed firmly onto the disk to form an inverted void in the concrete.

Scissorsafe anchors are inserted and deployed in this void when fall arrest or work restraint anchorage is required. The unique nature of this anchorage system means that the anchor isn’t relying own friction to support the fall arrest system connected to it. Upon completion of the structure, Void formers can be closed off with grout or covered with a Scissorsafe plastic cover cap. These are generally used to disguise void former holes when the anchorage point is to be used for maintenance or repair work.

Product code SSAN002

Product sheet

Scissorsafe anchor system installation

Installing compression posts and barriers as fall protection at construction site using scissorsafe anchor system

SafetyRespect compression post and Scissorsafe personal fall protection