Fall protection net

Fall protection net is used as edge protection at construction sites to catch both people and materials that may fall. The net is available in a variety of sizes and designs and and the attachment is done with a rope or with a so called Grippa in, for example, a roof girder construction. The fall protection net offers both flexibility and safety, which results in increased efficiency when working at great heights. When positioned correctly the protection net is also used to catch falling objects such as waste material, tools, building parts, equipment, etc. The protection net also reduces the feeling of great height, which means that possible fear of heights of the workers is reduced. This creates a feeling of safety with increased efficiency as a result.

Fall protection net 10 x 12 – Art. No. 941010
Fall protection net 8 x 12 m – Art. No. 941011
Fall protection net 8 x 10 m – Art. No. 941012

Product sheet Fall protection net

Product sheet Grippa