Barrier hot dip galvanized

Barrier hot dip galvanized

Barrier for blocking and temporary enclosures at construction sites, traffic environments, events etc. The system is designed with integrated hooks and loops for ergonomic and cost-effective handling. It can also be equipped with reflexes for increased visibility. It is designed and hot dip galvanized to meet demanding environments. It can also be equipped with reflex. Weight 13,5 kg, 17,5 kg, 22,0 kg.


Hot dip galvanized:
• Barrier 1,8 m art. no. 983121
• Barrier 2,5 m art. no.983122
• Barrier 3,2 m art. no. 983123

Galvanized and powder coated:
• Barrier 1,8 m 983131
• Barrier 2,5 m 983132
• Barrier 3,2 m 983133

• Flat foot 983201
• Angle foot 983202
• Block foot 983203
• Toe board holder 983401

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