Post 2,5 m alu

Post 2-5 m alu

Post 2,5 m alu is used when installing SafetyRespect’s Hall System to enable adjustment of the position of the edge protection. A quite common building method of hall constructions is that the wall elements are placed past the roof and create a border, something that requires indoor drainage. As to the edge protection a solution using a straight post installed to the attachment may be the best alternative. We can offer several different post options to handle large spans.

• Aluminium pipe 48,3 x 4,0 mm.
• Weight 7,8 kg.
• 100 pieces delivered in stacking stillage.

Art. no. 911121

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hall system fall protection attachment

Fall protection Hall system

hall system attachment fall protection steel

Temporärt fallskydd monterat på hallbyggnad

Temporärt fallskydd monterat på hallbyggnad