Harness SR Jämtland

Well balanced and easily adjustable fall arrest harness that has good fit for most body types, and offers great mobility.

All our personal fall protection products are designed for the construction industry and are of high quality. Our products comply with the most recently updated EU regulations on personal fall protection equipment regarding product requirements, documentation and traceability.

• Two fall arrest attachment points (EN 361), front and back.
• Very strong construction while being lightweight and compact.
• Comfortable also for women and allows space for the chest.
• Fall indicators with clear color coding.
• Two loops for equipment attachment, each up to 5 kg.
• Custom branding available with own colors and logos.
• If a fall occurs when using the front attachment point, the buttocks bear more of the load than the groin, which provides higher comfort and a better outcome during rescue.
• If a fall occurs when using the rear attachment point, the harness is designed to minimize the risk of negatively affecting breathing and blood circulation.
• Accessories: Padding, Trauma straps, Pockets, Tool Lanyards.
• EN 361.

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Harness SR Jämtland