Our Stairways can be supplied in two widths, 70 cm and 100 cm. The Stairway 70 has a total width of approx. 800 mm, the inner width is approx. 700 mm, and the Stairway 100 has a total width of approx. 1,100 mm, the inner width is approx. 1,000 mm. They are available in 6 different lengths, which can be safely connected to each other. In this way, height differences of up to 4.75 m can be conquered with a single Stairway. The maximum number of steps is 21. For this, two Stairways must be connected to each other (e.g. an 18-step Stairway with a 3-step Stairway). All necessary fasteners are included in the scope of delivery. Each Stairway is supplied with two handrails that adjust to the inclination angle of the Stairway.

The foldable steps always remain horizontal, the inclination angle of the Stairway has no influence on this. The Stairway gets its stability as soon as it is at the right angle. The Stairways are made of galvanised square steel tubes. The steps are made of non-slip, punched sheet metal. The four stair feet guarantee a high degree of stability. To simplify transport and storage, the Stairways can be folded flat. The Stairways can be pre-assembled to the required length before transport. However, on-site assembly is possible without any effort. Two people can easily erect the Stairways on site. The handrails have to be inserted, the special lifting devices help to bring the Stairways into the desired position. All VT Stairways are manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN 12811. This standard defines the performance requirements and general design of temporary structures for buildings.