Scissorsafe system

Scissorsafe is an innovative reusable anchorage system for concrete structures that supports temporary work restraint systems, fall arrest devices and retrieval winches from rescue kits. Anyone working on an unprotected leading edge can use these anchorage points by inserting a Scissorsafe anchorage tool into it. The anchorage points are created by nailing a two part plastic mould insert onto the horizontal formwork, which when removed reveals overhead anchorage points.

Anchor points are a vital part of a personal fall protection system. They are the critical component that connect lifelines, lanyards, fall arrestors and rescue devices to the permanent structure. If the working area of the facade installer is planned before construction, the anchor system can be designed into the structure, strategically positioned so that they are directly over the working area of the operatives.

A cast-in anchor system incorporated into the design of the structure offers safety and economical benefits by removing the need to drill for anchor points. It also eliminates the need to load-test friction reliant anchors before a safety system can be connected to them.

Scissorsafe anchor tools have a unique design that opens within the concrete void and is locked by the connecting device, they don’t rely on friction. These anchorage devices are economical as they are reusable throughout the project. Concrete drilling is eliminated reducing working at height, dust, noise and time.

The Scissorsafe Anchorage System is certified to BS EN795 class B – Portable Anchorages, independently assessed under strict conditions to comply with the requirements of European Conformity.

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