Construction kit

Personal fall protection construction kit
With our Construction kit, you get light, convenient fall protection designed for work on slabs or roofs with flat surfaces.

The kit contains a fall protection harness that is easy to put on and take off and is light and easy to work in. The fall arrest block included has a 6 meter long steel line to enable you to move over larger surfaces without needing to change the anchor point. The block is certified for both horizontal and vertical work as well as work on sharp edges. The kit also includes a carabiner and a 1 meter steel sling. The products are supplied in a sturdy, water-resistant bag that can be carried on the back.

Art. no. 967310
Harness SR Body
Block SR IKAR steel 6 m
Carabiner alu, oval 26 kN ozone black triplock
Lanyard steel I 100 cm 15 kN
Gear bag 35 l SR

Product sheet

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