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Casting in site


With a structure framework cast-in-site there is the possibility of designing attachment points for the edge protection. Socket w rebar with integrated post lock, for example, can be cast into the wall tops in, for instance, house gables, lift- and stair shafts. After this Post 1,3 m and Barriers are installed.

In order to be able to build external panel walls from inside the slab Balcony bracket 10 Degrees can be installed as an attachment, which gives an inclination of the edge protection by approximately 10 degrees.

Vertical brackets can be installed on the formwork as attachments, and after that Post 1,3 m and Barrier.

For other requirements of edge protection such as stairs, window openings, etc., there are several solutions that can be designed and cast in order to facilitate installation of edge protection and to create safer working sites.

• Socket w rebar
• Balcony bracket 10 degrees
• Vertical bracket
• Post 1,3 m
• Barrier 1,3 L, 1,95 L, 2,6 L


At the wall tops Socket W Rebar, with integrated post lock can be cast as attachments for edge protection.


The vertical bracket can be installed on the formworks as an attachment, followed by Post 1,3 m and Barrier.

Attachment to columns for free working space


If columns are available to use as attachment for the edge protection these can be a good alternative. Attachment of edge protection on columns allows the working space/slabs to be totally free from edge protection attachments. The challenge here is the distance between the columns. As a solution we recommend Barrier Alu 3 m to be jointed continuously with pipe joints and pipe couplings. This type of mounting makes possible great distances between the columns. Attachment to the columns creates a free working space in order to apply a new topping in the form of, for example, casting, etc.

• Attachment (adapted to the situation)
• Barrier Alu 3 m
• Joint pin
• Pipe coupling


Concrete hollow core precast slabs

When casting on top of concrete slab structures where Socket base, Post and Barrier are used on the slab it is an advantage to use casting protection. The Barrier can be raised on the post in several steps up to 310 mm with maintained safety as the post locking is fully functional. The Cast protection protects the Socket base against concrete scrap from the casting process.

• Socket base
• Post 1,3 m
• Cast protection for Socket base
• Barrier 1,3 L, 1,95 L, 2,6 L


Lattice girder element


Precast holder that are already cast in a prefabricated lattice girder elements at the concrete factory offers fast and safe mounting of edge protection. The Precast holder has an integrated post lock and is casted into the elements at the factory. Protection sleeve is mounted at the desired height at the working site, and is adapted to the casting height/slabs thickness. Post 1,3 m and Barrier 2,6 L are installed either before or after that the prefabricated element is lifted in place. The Barriers can easily be lifted to the desired height when casting. No tools are needed. The products are tested in accordance with EN13374 and meet the dimensioning requirements according to the Euro Code.

In constructions with prefabricated slab decks even the Precast edge holder can be installed onto the formworks edge after that the attachment has been pre-designed. A dialogue takes place between the manufacturer of the prefabricated material and SafetyRespect’s technical division as to the edge protection solution and positioning of Precast holders, etc.

• Precast holder
• Protection sleeve for Precast holder
• Precast bracket
• Post 1,3 m
• Barrier 1,3 L, 1,95 L, 2,6 L
• Adjustable link bar